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som friend, and marry herself. She spends all his money on her “artistic dresses,” while his former wife and his little family are allowed just enough to keep them from starvation. The patient goes around travelling, visits phys


icians, cures herself,[151] keeps on being sick in various health reso


rts, learning all kinds of fads, modes of “healthy living.” The p


atient is in terror of disease and of old age. She fears even to think


of such things. She carries around with her all kinds of prescriptions and directions as to how to preserve youth. I was especially instructed by her husband not to inquire for her age. Everything must be subservient to her impul

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of fear. She has dwindled to a parasitic existence, obsessed with the lowest instincts of life. She avoids all responsibilities. She wants to get as much as she can in order to obtain for herself the highest possible benefit. Whe

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ho are all well. As a child she lived in great poverty. She was neglected and met with accidents and scares; suffered from sickness until her little body was emaciated from privation. She managed, however, to go through school and


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become a clerk in a small store; she was very careful of her appearance which meant to her a good marriage,

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comfortable life. She also took care of her health which was rather[152] precarious, on account of the many

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colds accompanied by severe headaches. At the same time on account of the poor life led, she also suffered

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from some obscure troubles. After years of precarious health and quests for happiness, for marriage, she succeeded in capturing a well-to-do merchant in whose store she had worked as a clerk. Immediately after marriage she rigged

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up a beautiful home with “rich mahogany furniture” which the husband regarded with a gasp, settled down to a life of leisure, to complete idleness, and began to attend to her health.... The patient began to find more and more

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    troubles with her organs, from the top of her head to the pelvis and intestines. Nothing was quite right. Things could be improved. The impulse of self-preservation gained more and more control over her. Along with this impulse the fear inst

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    inct gained in strength, became more and more extensive. The patient became full of fear which, by the principle of proliferation and diffusion, kept on growing and diffusing in ever new directions, and spreading to ever new associations a

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    nd systems. The central fear was poverty. The patient was afraid she might become poor. This was naturally a fear from her early childhood,—the fear of suffering in poverty, a fear which persisted throughout her life. The fear became accen




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